What To Know About Self Publishing

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What To Know About Self Publishing

The Internet and several popular platforms have given indie authors something to aspire to. All of a sudden, you don’t have to be seen by a big publishing name in order to make money from your work. You can do your own marketing, choose what you write and who edits it, and you can even choose the cover. Self publishing has really opened up new opportunities for authors around the world, but it takes some skill to make it work for you.

If you’ve been dabbling with the idea of publishing your novel, or even your self-help book, this is what you need to know about self publishing.

A Good Book Outweighs Good Marketing
Yes, marketing your book is very important, but it doesn’t compare to the power of a good book. If you pay more attention to what you’re putting out there, most of the marketing will take care of itself.

For example, publishing on a platform means “new-release” exposure. For a couple of days you get critical attention, and if you have a good cover and blurb to go with it, you’ll see some sales.

All you need are a few sales to get people talking and sharing it. And once it picks up between readers, marketing becomes a necessity.

Platforms And Book Formatting
This is the intimidating part for authors because you need to format your books correctly for the platform you’ll be publishing on.

Every platform will have its guidelines on the type of document that needs to be submitted, and the content within the book. If you don’t play by the rules, you don’t get to publish on that platform.

The reason why it becomes intimidating is due to the different devices readers use. Some have brand specific readers, like a Nook or Kindle, while other like reading on their tablets or desktops.

You want your book to appeal to everyone’s reading platform because missing out on one section is a big chunk of sales you’ll be losing. It could even be the biggest market for the niche you choose, but they won’t be reading it due to a formatting issue.

Use the right tools to ensure your book is accessible to as many readers as possible.

You Can Sell Your Own Books
For the authors who don’t want to play by platform rules, there’s the option of selling your books on your own site. You’ll be making direct sales and taking all the profit, but you won’t be getting the traffic sites like Amazon and Apple are getting.

Sell Everywhere You Can
As a last tip, don’t put all your eggs in one basket if it’s not absolutely necessary. In other words, don’t just use a single self publishing platform when there are five others to be used at the same time.

If you want to be successful with self publishing, it’s crucial that you develop a strategy and start brushing up on your business tactics. But remember, don’t let marketing cause a drop in quality where writing is concerned.