Five of the UK’s most beautiful streets

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Bath UK - August 15 2015: The famous Circus buildingIt is an example of Georgian architecture in the city of Bath designed by John Wood.

Five of the UK’s most beautiful streets

A recent report took in research involving over 1,000 interviewees nationwide in an attempt to identify the prettiest streets of the UK. These streets were chosen for being overwhelmingly beautiful, revealing diverse British culture and architecture as well as then history of their area.

1. Steep Hill, Lincoln
Classical buildings with half jetties, as well as Norman houses, flank this ancient street. The street has a spectacular aura, embracing you as you climb to the Lincoln Cathedral on top of the hill through the cobbled street. An amazing blend of restaurants, tea rooms, antique and bookshops, designer boutiques and pubs adorn the street which extends from the Well Lane. This street showcases the British history found in the City of Lincoln in an amazing way, preserving it for future generations.

2. The Circus, Bath
One of the outstanding architects, John Wood Sr, designed this amazing place which was finished by his son John Wood Jr. The passion of Wood Sr resulted in classically-influenced architecture, which is now a World Heritage site thanks to the majestic squares and crescents of The Circus, drawn from Rome’s Colosseum.

3. The Shambles, York
Another of the most popular tourist street in the UK, regarded as the most famous street in York. 14th-century overhanging timber-framed buildings are part of the breathtaking architecture you will find in this old street. A selection of 25 butchers’ shops would display meat on shelves historically, thriving in the 1800s but none no longer remaining. It is speculated that the shops influenced the naming of the street as The Shambles (by the Anglo-Saxons) with ‘shambles’ meaning shelves. Interestingly, some of the contemporary shops have items hanging on meat hooks nowadays. The street is very alluring, especially in its nightlife.

4. Gold Hill, Shaftesbury
Steep cobbled streets are always rewarding to the eye, displaying a clear aesthetic quality. Gold Hill is well known for its picturesque look from the street top, a place with a real romantic feel. The area is among England’s most beautiful sights, with a number of book covers, calendars and chocolate boxes utilising the street’s image. Film, television shows and advertisements also make use of this pretty location. A 14th-century Church sits magnificently on a hill at the top of the street. You can also find the Sun & Moon Cottage, which is the house of a former priest as well as part of the Gold Hill Museum. The street still has some of the Shaftesbury buildings, which date past beyond 18th century. Shaftesbury Abbey, believed to have been built by King Alfred the Great in the 1360s, also decorates the street.

5. The Royal Mile, Edinburgh
This is more of a succession of streets through the Edinburgh city’s Old Town which forms the main thoroughfare. The section of street is about a Scots mile long and thus the name. Beautiful Scottish buildings stand along the street, showcasing its history. Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace are just two of the significant and wonderfully beautiful places your eyes are treated to. From east to west, the Abbey Strand, Canongate, High Street, Lawnmarket and Castle Hill streets make up the striking Royal Mile.

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