What Should An In-house Recruiter Programme Entail

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What Should An In-house Recruiter Programme Entail

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Recruiter process outsourcing has generally become common. This is a very delicate undertaking since it affects the running of a firm directly. The market has also been flooded by very many recruiting agencies. Some of these agencies offer sub-standard services. Half backed and unqualified personnel are gaining access to employment opportunities through such agencies. Due to this reason companies are changing the outsourcing trend slowly.

Companies are aiming at having an internal recruitment team. This acts as a parallel HR team to supplement the chief HR manager in a company. This team has to undergo an in house recruiter training programme. The training is offered to selected managers and supervisors. Renown recruiter agencies are entrusted with offering the training .But what should a good training manual contain?

1. The internal team should be taught how to find scarce talent and qualifications.

A wider percentage of the World’s population is educated. This brings with it a very large pool of talent. More people are educated compared to the job vacancies available. Thus not ever one can be absorbed into the job market. Due to this fact internal recruitment teams in a company should be able to identify scarce qualifications and talent. To identify the following is very hard, thus only professionals are able to do it. If a company identifies this talent, then a robust work force is put in action increasing productivity. The identified candidates should also be willing to learn and accept corrections. In order to identify and nature candidates with exemplary unique talent and qualification the internal team must be taught how to do it. Furthermore the internal recruitment team are aware of what the company needs in terms of staff.recruitment+outsourcing_2

2. The internal recruitment team should be taught how to make effective approach to people/teams considered to be of value.

The internal HR team is tasked with enticing new staff to join the company. It is widely argue in Business that your first approach to a person or firm determines their next move. Having this in mind, once a team or a renowned person who is off help to the company, the approach level should be excellent. These skills may be acquired over time but it takes long. Thus there is need for them to be taught to the in-house recruitment team.

2. Growing and nurturing a pool of talent.

An in house recruitment team should create an internal pool of talent and skills. With such a pool finding replacements for posts in various departments becomes very easy. Unless the recruitment team natures the talent, no one can do it for them. Recruitment agency are known not to nature talent and skills but rather pass on skills from one generation to another. Various methods to be employed in nurturing skills do exist. The team should identify a young team and persuade them to join the company. Once they are in, sending them to international markets, trade fairs, exhibitions and other companies increases their skills. An in house recruitment team should do this with no hitches.