Functions Of A Managed IT Service Provider

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Functions Of A Managed IT Service Provider

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What is a managed service I.T provider? Elevate2 is a managed IT service provider. Well, this is a company which provides a wide range of I.T related services to an organization. In simple terms the organization is viewed as the client or customer while the company is the I.T services provider. Services are provided on demand or in instances where the provider finds it essential to offer services. Since there is a contractual agreement between the two, a levy is billed to the client at the end of the month. Money is specifically paid for the volume of work done. In most cases the charge is almost fixed or minimal deviations are experience. Some of the services the provider offers an organization are analyzed below.

Vendor Management Systems, (VMS).It is a software which enhance transparency and efficiency as per the next point. This is a scenario where the I.T provider is tasked with human resource and other forms of outsourcing on behalf of the organization. It may be viewed as an agent, boss kind of relationship. The provider is the agent and the organization is the boss. The I.T provider is directly answerable to the organization according to the contractual terms agreed as per the contract. This process has yielded satisfactory results in the private sector thus some governments are already embracing the system

The provider is also tasked with developing software’s for the organization. Organizations engage in different economic activities thus software’s developed vary across the board. Take an instance where the organization is involved in the transport industry. The most suitable software’s would be a fleet management software and a time schedule and route planning software. It is also the duty of the provider to continuously service these software’s and ensure their smooth running. Due to the changing technological advancement software’s become obsolete very fast. The provider will be needed to improve on the existing software quality to meet the current advances.

In organizations large volumes of data are used and generated in day to day operations. Human is to error and software’s are prone to data viruses too. This may lead to the loss of data in computers and storage devices. The provider is tasked with ensuring the safe storage and retrieval of the original data when needed. In case the data gets lost along the way, they should come up with formulas and systems on how to recover and back up the lost material. In the same offices mobility of data between various offices and departments is vital. The provider must create a local network to interlink the various departments. This allows easy, efficient and reliable mode of data transferee.

Managed I.T service providers have been known to be cheap and cost efficient. They have been proven as stimulants which lead to economic growth and stability of an organization. Almost all the top ranked business organizations globally makes use of providers. In some instances since they work with one or more clients they link two organizations which share a common goal.